SCOTT ASTILL: Vocals-Rhythm Guitar
Scott and Nudge have been performing their brand of acoustic Aussie Rock as Stone Crazy since 1992 and have remained the core, heart and soul of the band. During that time they've played with numerous talented musicians.

The band took a break between 2001 and 2008 and during that time they have both had personal success with their own original projects. Scott performed in and around Sydney at local venues and had some success with his single Water From The Sky which reached #1 on the Country / Rock chart.

Nudge, having travelled to the US during this period, earned himself a loyal fan base by performing throughout the Midwest and then releasing his debut self titled solo CD in 2004, with 2 songs from the album reaching the top of the Power Pop chart.

Upon Nudges return to Australia in 2008, they got back together as Stone Crazy to pick up where they had left off. Relocating to Gympie in 2009 and without skipping a beat, they started creating a new local following by playing at local venues and performing at the Maryborough flood relief concert.

Recently Scott carried the Stone Crazy banner on a solo visit to the US where he competed at the World Championships Of Performing Arts, performing original songs and earning himself 2 silver and 2 bronze medals for his efforts.

The music and songs of Stone Crazy share
some emotional states and narrative threads - love, trust, commitment, and communication between friends and lovers, both real and imagined. Musically they have a diverse mix of upbeat catchy rock songs and soulful heart felt intimate ballads.
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Winners of Radio Zinc 96.1 "So you want to be a Mus-Star" competition 2011
Scott represented Australia at
15th World Championships of Performing Arts
July 2011 - Los Angeles, USA
and won the following medals:

Silver - Male Vocal Rock
Silver - Male Vocal Self Accompanied Original Work
Bronze-  Male Vocal Country & Western
Bronze - Male Vocal Open

NUDGE: Drums-Percussion-B.Vocals
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